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RE: custom type `color' is not enforced

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: custom type `color' is not enforced
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 22:48:48 -0800

>     >     `C-h M-o color RET TAB' correctly gives all options
>     >     defined with :type `color' (rigid equality test).
>     >     However, since Emacs currently does not
>     >     distinguish type `color' from type `string' (= this bug),
>     >
>     > That statement surprises me.  The two types have different
>     > names, and don't behave the same, so in what sense does
>     > Emacs not distinguish them?
>     Please reread what I said:
> You said Emacs does not distinguish type `color' from type `string'.
> That's mistaken; it does distinguish them.

You continue to omit the part where I explained what I meant by that. If you
want to argue about what I said, and you think that omitting the explanation
helps you win the argument, go ahead; you win.

That's like me quoting your current statement only partially: You said
"Emacs does not distinguish type". Yes, you said those words, but that's not
really what you were saying. Taking words out of context is not

My point (from the beginning; = what I described as "this bug") was that
there is a sense in which those types are not distinguished. I explained
twice what that sense was, what I meant by the insufficient type
distinction. If you don't want to see my point, fine.

> They behave differently.

Yes, if you compare only the symbols `color' and `string', they do behave
differently. If `get-custom-type' is the only yardstick, then they are
totally different, unrelated types.

> I agree it would be good to make `color' check for a valid color.
> I hope someone will do that.

So do I.

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