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RE: patch to fill `Parent documentation...' in Customize, plus two relat

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: patch to fill `Parent documentation...' in Customize, plus two related suggestions
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 18:13:39 -0800

>     2. I don't see why the lists of links `Parent groups:' and `Parent
>     documentation:' are called that. It seems to me they should
>     be called simply `Groups:' and `Documentation:'.
> When you are looking at a group, those links are to the parents of the
> current group.  In that case, the name "Parent Groups" is accurate.

I don't see that when I'm looking at a group. See test case below.

> But in other cases the name is not accurate.  I think "Groups" would
> be better in other cases.  Would you like to write a patch
> to make it conditional?

I will take a look when I get some time, but until I look at it, I don't
know what to make it conditional upon.

> I do not see Parent Documentation.
> Can you tell me a test case to observe that?

emacs -Q
(defcustom foo 4 "xxx" :group 'f1)
(defgroup f1 nil "yyy" :group 'convenience
  :link '(url-link  "http://www.emacswiki.org";))

M-x customize-option foo

>     And when you are visiting a Customize buffer for a group, you
>     don't even see these labels! Instead, you see `Go to parent
>     group:' and, for the doc links, `See also '. So, in the only
>     place where "parent" might reasonably be used,
>     it is not used anyway.
> That doesn't agree with what I observe.  I did M-x customize-group RET
> mouse RET, and did see the "Parent groups" item.
> Please provide a test case.

After the test above:

M-x customize-group f1

Instead of `Parent groups' you'll see `Go to parent group:'.

Instead of `Parent documentation' you'll see `See also', with the same

>     In addition, just as commas are used to separate the doc
>     links, so should they be used to separate the group links.
>     Currently, only spaces separate the group links.
> I think it looks good the way it is.  Each parent group name is in
> square brackets.  That's plenty of punctuation to make it clear.

Suit yourself. The links are separated by commas, however. Why not treat the
two lists the same way?

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