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Re: Commit practices

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Commit practices
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 17:58:08 -0500

    > Perhaps we could substitute for that lost capability
    > with a new feature in Change Log mode to selectively display
    > the items that pertain to a certain file.

    It's not necessary. Because the report from svn log (or hg log, or bzr
    log) is generated from the commit history, filtering for the change
    history for a particular file is trivial.

It doesn't do the same job.

    So: say "svn log", and you get the entire commit history.  Say "svn
    log foo.c" and you get the history of all commits touching foo.c, and
    only those commits.  Similarly for bzr and hg.

That's not the same thing.  "Commits touching foo.c" is NOT the same
as just the items pertaining to foo.c.  If those commits are
multi-file commits, they will be full of items about other files as
well as items about foo.c.

So I think the Change Log mode feature is still desirable.

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