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Re: Selection-set editing without VC-dired

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Selection-set editing without VC-dired
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 21:52:55 -0500
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>> So, I'm not outright rejecting the idea of a non-VC-Dired UI for
>> specifying selection sets. But I think it would be better for
>> now if I continued to focus on making VC-Dired so fast that
>> you won't really want or need an alternate set-editing method.

> PCL-CVS is certainly fast enough but I still consider having to use it
> (or other directory-based methods) for multi-file commits a crutch and
> inconvenience.  There is no point in having to go through a directory
> listing when committing two files already loaded and edited in buffers.

While I like PCL-CVS, obviously, I agree that I also use VC to commit
single files and that I occasionally feel like it would be nice to have
an intermediate level.  Typically I see it work something like:
- from foo.c I'd do C-x v v: makes me jump to *VC-log* set up to commit foo.c
- go to foo.h
- from foo.h I'd also do a C-x v v:  makes me jump again to *VC-log*
  but this time setup to commit both foo.c and foo.h.
- C-c C-c then commits both.

On a related note, with current VCS making ChangeLog file less relevant,
it'd also make sense to make C-x 4 a jump to the *VC-log* buffer, add
the relevant piece of text and maybe also add the file to the set of
files that will be committed.


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