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Re: "CHANGED outside Customize" in frames customization group

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: "CHANGED outside Customize" in frames customization group
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 04:50:54 -0500

That is true.  It's somewhat of an annoyance.
Do you see any other solution?

    So I would reflect any attempts to set `default-frame-alist' and
    `initial-frame-alist' via (1) command-line arguments, (2) x-resources,
    and (3) settings of `fringe-mode', `tool-bar-mode', `menu-bar-mode', and
    possibly `scroll-bar-mode' (I don't understand the latter yet) in the
    initial file, in two variables say `overriding-default-frame-alist' and

Yes, that is the solution I am proposing.

                                       (I think the "command-" prefix is
    somewhat misleading for .emacs related settings, but I don't have a
    strong point here.)

I agree.

    I have to avoid an

    "Attempt to autoload customize-set-variable while preparing to dump"

    error here.

Yes, but why would that error happen?

      Hence setting `default-frame-alist' via
    `customize-set-variable' would have to be forked by an optional argument
    to `modify-all-frames-parameters'.

I don't follow you there.  Does `modify-all-frames-parameters' get called
during building Emacs?  If so, maybe that is itself the bug.

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