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RE: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 11:40:03 -0800

> The problem with email bug reports is that not all people use
> emacs as its email client. In most of my machines, there is no
> mail support installed at all.

You don't need to use Emacs as your mail client to make use of
`report-emacs-bug'. When you hit `C-c C-c', Emacs opens your mail client
with a new mail message. You just need to paste the content you prepared.

I use Outlook, for instance, and I file Emacs bugs all the time using
`report-emacs-bug' - no problem. The only thing I do in Outlook is hit `C-v'
to paste my bug report.

For the rest - yes, bug reporting by email can be integrated into a
bug-tracking tool. It's not an either/or choice between a Web form and email

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