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Using DocView on Cygwin

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Using DocView on Cygwin
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 01:31:58 +0100
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The following refers to the build (bootstrap) with 23.0.50-CVS of 14
hours ago.

The first thing I note is that loading a PDF file, it appears a buffer
suggesting something:


but this happens only for less than a second and I cannot read and say
what it contains.

After this, the PDF file is shown correctly and in the mini buffer I
find the suggestion C-c C-c 'to toggle between editing o viewing...'
and typing C-c C-c gives the text to edit, i.e. we toggle from view to
text mode.

On the contrary, loading a PS file shows it as a text and only after
C-c C-c, it is shown as document, i.e. we toggle from text to view

Why this different behaviour when loading PS files?

Another thing I observe is that, using the mouse wheel, one can only
scroll a single page of the document and not between a page to the
next. Is this to be expected?

On Cygwin I have found that the cache (a directory called
'docview1006') is stored in the Windows $TEMP (usually
/c/DOCUME~1/.../IMPOST~1/Temp) directory and not in the Cygwin /tmp
dir. But on Cygwin, should Emacs have the same behaviour as on linux?!
(many Cygwin applications store their files in /tmp and do not know
Windows $TEMP!)

After closing the files (PDF/PS...), jusched.log is created in the
Windows $TEMP:


Fri Jan 04 23:45:48 2008 :: Either not a Win2000, XP platform or
Non-admin user or GetModuleFilename failed or Error Opening JavaUpdate


I am using Emacs on Cygwin (XP) as Non-admin user: should we be
worried about jusched.log and what it contains?

Loading JPEG files (pictures) one can scroll them vertically: How can
one scroll horizontally? Otherwise the pictures appear truncated on
right margin (even maximizing the Emacs frame/window).


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