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Doc string for run-hooks

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Doc string for run-hooks
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 20:03:10 +0100
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I believe I suggested something like this change to the doc string a year ago. Was not that accepted? (Not entirely sure. It has not been entered in CVS.)

RCS file: /cvsroot/emacs/emacs/src/eval.c,v
retrieving revision 1.276
diff -u -r1.276 eval.c
--- src/eval.c  21 Jan 2007 04:18:16 -0000      1.276
+++ src/eval.c  18 Feb 2007 19:58:07 -0000
@@ -2493,18 +2493,20 @@

 DEFUN ("run-hooks", Frun_hooks, Srun_hooks, 0, MANY, 0,
        doc: /* Run each hook in HOOKS.
-Each argument should be a symbol, a hook variable.
-These symbols are processed in the order specified.
-If a hook symbol has a non-nil value, that value may be a function
-or a list of functions to be called to run the hook.
-If the value is a function, it is called with no arguments.
-If it is a list, the elements are called, in order, with no arguments.
+Each argument should be a symbol, a hook variable.  These symbols are
+processed in the order specified.  If a hook symbol has a non-nil
+value, that value should be a list of functions.  The functions in the
+list are called in order, with no arguments.
+A hook symbols' value can also be a single function which
+`run-hooks' calls.  But this usage is obsolete.

 Major modes should not use this function directly to run their mode
 hook; they should use `run-mode-hooks' instead.

 Do not use `make-local-variable' to make a hook variable buffer-local.
 Instead, use `add-hook' and specify t for the LOCAL argument.
 usage: (run-hooks &rest HOOKS)  */)
      (nargs, args)
      int nargs;

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