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From: Drew Adams
Subject: last-command-other-than-handle-switch-frame?
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 15:24:00 -0800

I use non-nil pop-up-frames, so lots of `handle-switch-frame' commands get
executed behind the scene. Why that is needed I've never quite understood -
why should a focus event be treated as a "command"? Anyway, I'm not
questioning that design here - so be it.

For some time now, I've been coding ugly hacks like this:

 (if (memq last-command '(foo handle-switch-frame))...

when all I really wanted was to know whether the last user command was

And such code doesn't actually test whether the command prior to
`handle-switch-frame' was `foo'.

Does this nuisance ring a bell for anyone else?

Shouldn't there be another variable, in addition to `last-command' and
`real-last-command' - something that gives us the last command other than

What I'm asking for, I guess, is a `last-user-command' variable, something
free from pollution by pseudo-commands (or generated commands or whatever
they are) such as `handle-switch-frame'. (I presume, based on its doc, that
`real-last-command' does not filter out `handle-switch-frame'.)

See also this 2006 thread, where I mentioned the same problem:

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