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Re: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 17:08:59 +1300

 > Perhaps it's improved recently, but the last time I used the savannah
 > bug tracker it was completely awful, and seemed to have no email
 > support other than sending bug status changes and the like.

Yes it looks like Bugzilla is far superior.  I know that this has also been
suggested before, and I'm trying not to go round in circles, but I notice now
that GCC use their mailing list gcc-bugs for their Bugzilla bug-tracking
system.  If we set Emacs up similarly, then presumably Richard (and others)
could use e-mail as before, while those that want to could submit bug reports
through Bugzilla.

Perhaps Andreas Schwab (or anyone else who is familiar with gcc-bugs) could
comment on how this works for GCC?

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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