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Re: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Why Emacs needs a modern bug tracker
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 14:30:10 +0900

Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
>> Perhaps it's improved recently, but the last time I used the savannah
>> bug tracker it was completely awful, and seemed to have no email
>> support other than sending bug status changes and the like.
> I don't know about ``awful'' (you didn't say what was awful about it),
> but at least as far as email gateway, the GNU Make project has it set
> up and running: every bug report gets gatewayed into a mailing list,
> and so does any comment filed with a bug report. 

Useful email support means supporing both submissions, modifications,
and queries via email.

[Supposedly recent versions of bugzilla support such, but I haven't used it.]


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