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Re: removing support for old platforms

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: removing support for old platforms
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 09:46:22 -0800

Dan Nicolaescu <address@hidden> writes:

  > RMS has OKed removing support for the platforms in the list below.
  > (after advertising this on a few relevant list and waiting a few
  > months).
  > In order to not leave junk in the tree, we could collect all the symbols
  > it defines in a new section at the one of admin/CPP-DEFINES. If all the
  > #defines for a symbol have been removed, then the code that makes
  > use of that define can be removed.

This is done now, except for
 - removing support for MSDOS  - Eli still wants it
 - removing support for Mac OS version before MACOSX - I don't know what
 exactly needs to be removed. Probably all the .mpw files, what else?
 And all the code that depends on MAC_OS8 being defined. 
 Help doing this would be appreciated. 

admin/CPP-DEFINES has a new section: 
** All references to these symbols should be removed, all their definitions are 
gone **
There are many files that refer to those symbols. Removing those
references would help.

There's also another section:
** Temporarily put defines from removed files here, check if these
   macros need to be documented or removed because they are not used
   anymore.  **  
Some of these might not be defined anywhere, then, as above, all the
references to them can be removed.

  > Mac OS all versions before MACOSX (only MAC_OS8 seems to have a special 
  > Apollo SR10.x (unexapollo.c)
  > Convex (unexconvex.c and m/convex.c)
  > Xenix (unexenix.c and s/xenix.h)
  > Iris  (unexmips.c m/iris4d.h   m/irist.h    s/iris3-5.h  s/iris3-6.h)
  > Gould (m/gould*)
  > Siemens machines running Sinix (unexsni.c)
  > Harris CXUX (s/cxux*)
  > ESIX, a variant of v.5.3 for the 386. (s/esix*)
  > Interactive (ISC) Unix (s/isc*)
  > Sony News (s/newsos*)
  > RTU 3.0, ucb universe (s/rtu.h) -- defines NOMULTIPLEJOBS
  > UniSoft's UniPlus 5.2 (s/uniplus.h)
  > UMAX (s/umax.h)
  > AT&T UNIX PC model 7300 (m/7300.h)
  > Acorn
  > Alliant (m/alliant*)
  > Amdahl (m/amdahl*)
  > Altos 3068 Unix System V Release 2 (m/altos.h)
  > Apollo (m/apollo.h)
  > AT&T 3b (m/att3b.h)
  > Aviion (m/aviion*)
  > Celerity (m/celerity.h)
  > clipper (m/clipper.h)
  > convergent S series (m/cnvrgnt.h)
  > cydra (m/cydra5.h)
  > Motorola System V/88 machines (m/delta88k.h) -- gcc dropped support
  >                               for 88k a while ago
  > Bull DPX/2 range (m/dpx2.h)
  > Dual machines using unisoft port (m/dual.h)
  > Elxsi machine (running enix) (m/elxsi.h)
  > Fujitsu F301 machine (m/f301.h)
  > i860 (m/i860.h) gcc dropped support a while ago
  > ibm ps/2 aix386 (m/ibmps2-aix.h)
  > ISI 68000's (m/is*)
  > Masscomp 5000 series running RTU, ucb universe (m/masscomp.h)
  > Megatest 68000's (m/mega68.h)
  > Whitechapel Computer Works MG1 (ns16000 based) (m/mg1.h)
  > Harris Night Hawk Series 1200 and Series 3000 (m/nh3000.h m/nh4000.h)
  > ns16000 (m/ns16000.h)
  > National Semiconductor 32000, running Genix (m/ns32000.h)
  > TI Nu machines using system V (m/nu.h)
  > HLH Orion (m/orion.h m/orion105.h)
  > Paragon i860 (m/paragon.h)
  > PFU A-series (m/pfa50.h)
  > Plexus running System V.2 (m/plexus.h)
  > pyramid. (m/pyramid.h)
  > sh3el (m/sh3el.h)
  > Bull SPS-7 (m/sps7.h)
  > m/sr2k.h
  > Stride (m/stride.h)
  > Sun 1 (m/sun1.h)
  > Sun 2 (m/sun2.h)
  > SEQUENT SYMMETRY  m/symmetry.h
  > Tadpole 68k machines m/tad68k.h
  > tahoe m/tahoe.h
  > targon31 m/targon31.h
  > Tektronix* (m/tek4300.h m/tekxd88.h)
  > NCR Tower 32 running System V.2 (m/tower32.h)
  > NCR Tower 32 running System V.3 (m/tower32v3.h)
  > U-station (Nihon Unisys, SS5E; Sumitomo Denkoh, U-Station E30). 
  > Wicat (m/wicat.h)
  > Honeywell XPS100 running UNIX System V.2 (m/xps100.h)
  > Data General's DG/UX  (s/dgux*)
  > Irix before version 6
  > osf1 (s/osf*)
  > SunOS4 (s/sunos*)
  > RISCiX (s/riscix*)
  > SCO 3.2v4 (s/sco4.h)
  > SCO 3.2v5 (s/sco5.h)
  > Sun's 386-based RoadRunner (m/sun386.h)
  > Sun3 machines (m/sun3*)
  >  Integrated Solutions 386 machine (m/is386.h)

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