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Re: unable to open jpg file

From: xah lee
Subject: Re: unable to open jpg file
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 05:42:36 -0800

I followed your instruction and that fixed the problem for my original images.


∑ http://xahlee.org/

On Jan 14, 2008, at 5:20 AM, Jason Rumney wrote:

YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu wrote:
As image-jpeg-p returns nil for that image data (no "JFIF" or "Exif"
as a substring), it couldn't be displayed even with the X11 version,
either.  As this is not Carbon-specific, I would like to leave the
issue to those who are more familiar with image.el and/or image format

I found some more work friendly non-JFIF/Exif JPEG images here:


Firefox and Emacs 22 fail to display these images, but Emacs trunk displays them (is this the case with the images in the original report?).

The difference between Emacs 22 and trunk seems to be in the function image-type. In Emacs 22, if the image headers do not determine the type, we convert the file extension to a symbol and use that. This means .jpg files are given a type of 'jpg, which is not the correct image-type for jpeg images.

The trunk has been changed to use image-type-from-file-name instead, which correctly returns 'jpeg for that image.

I have backported that change to emacs-22.


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