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Re: [ax-tech:11845]Re: rftask english doc

From: Wang Diancheng
Subject: Re: [ax-tech:11845]Re: rftask english doc
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 01:47:15 -0000
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>>>>> "hwanii" == hwanii Jung <address@hidden> writes:

    hwanii> Diancheng, Do you mean you want to do it at once with all
    hwanii> language help docs? if so, could you prepare Chinese one
    hwanii> please?

I have assigned a developer to translate it to Chinese.

    hwanii> and ML guys, Could some one help us to prepare Japanese one
    hwanii> ?

    hwanii> Regareds, Hwanii

    hwanii> ------- Original Message ------- From: Wang Diancheng
    hwanii> <address@hidden> To: hwanii Jung
    hwanii> <address@hidden> Sent: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 10:59:17 +0800
    hwanii> Subject: Re: [ax-tech:11845]Re: rftask english doc

    >> >>>>> "hwanii" == hwanii Jung <address@hidden> writes:
    hwanii> Would you like to do it yourself? or like me to assign a
    hwanii> developer in HS?
    >> You can commit IP first, when all translations (include Chinese
    >> Japanese and Korean) are available, I will commit it to our
    >> source code CVS.

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