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Wisent Parser for font-lock MATCHERS

From: Perry Smith
Subject: Wisent Parser for font-lock MATCHERS
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 12:59:31 -0600

My apologies if this questions is not appropriate for this list.

Strings in ruby are very complex. They require a PDA and not just a DFA. I'm mid-way through writing a function to properly recognize a ruby string but then paused to consider perhaps I should use wisent instead. I've not used wisent before. If I'm going down a blind alley, please let me know. Or if there are samples of other wisent parser based font-lock matches, that would be of interest to me too.

Specifically, my thoughts are to have a parser (or perhaps parsers) to use as the MATCHER function in the various font-lock lists such as font-lock-syntactic-keywords and font-lock-keywords. My fear is that the wisent parser is not going to let me hook in like I need to in order to properly create a matcher function.

As background, I know about ruby-mode and cedet, semantic. There is a wisent attempt at a Ruby parser but it does not do strings properly either.

Thank you,
Perry Smith

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