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Re: w32 issues

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: w32 issues
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 12:47:23 -0500
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>>> Yes, that is good and it is also now mentioned in the manual:
>>> (info "(emacs) Windows Printing")
>>> The problem is that it requires an external program that not everyone has.
>> I understand that some people choose not to install Ghostscript, but are
>> there cases where they *couldn't* install it?
>> I think we should more actively encourage the use of Ghostscript
>> under Windows.  E.g. we may want to provide a link to an appropriate
>> web-page.  And advertize the fact that it would allow them to print to
>> PDF as well from any application as well (anything that can undermine
>> Adobe is good in my book).

> I think there might have been some problem with Ghostscript license
> before. Is that perhaps solved now? Or does not that license matter?

There used to be an issue where the latest&greatest was not distributed
under a Free Software license.  That didn't prevent the use of
Ghostscript under Windows, AFAIK (you could either use the
latest&greatest and accept a reduction of your Karma score, or use
the (slightly older) GPL'd version).  In any case, it seems that this
problem doesn't exist any more since www.ghostscript.com says "The
leading edge of Ghostscript development is now under GPL license, as is
the latest release, Ghostscript 8.60."  Their "news" page says that they
announced the switch to GPL around June 2006.


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