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Re: "Position Parameters" in lispref/frames.texi

From: Ulrich Neumerkel
Subject: Re: "Position Parameters" in lispref/frames.texi
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 07:37:37 +0100

> Thank you; making that changes also fixes it for me (Window Maker on          
>                                         > GNU/Linux). This change was 
> introduced 2006-06-16, with the log entry                                     
>             > "Extensive changes to make frame positioning deterministic 
> under X.",                                                 >which doesn't 
> tell me anything.

! The intention seems to be to encode with negative numbers something
else (see the comment just before x_set_offset:  ...
It is -1 when calling from x_set_frame_parameters, ...

So there is some intention behind it - probably something more general
must be fixed to solve this in general.

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