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RE: Simple Tasks, new TODO category

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Simple Tasks, new TODO category
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 08:45:13 -0800

> > A non-printable seems very obscure, though. I'd think using a (seldom)
> > printable (with a way to escape it, of course) might be more friendly.
> > Why not use underscore, as GTK does (and translate appropriately to the
> > target platform)?
> XEmacs uses %_, which is even less likely to be used in a menu item 
> name, and has the benefit of not appearing in any key binding so we 
> wouldn't have to do any escaping of key bindings that are automatically 
> added to the menu.

Sorry to chime in once more, but I again get the impression that you are 
speaking about giving a special interpretation to a displayable character that 
might appear in a menu item, and that you are trying to find a character or 
string that is "less likely to be used in a menu item name".

If so, that's a mistake. Please don't make any assumptions about which 
(displayable) characters might be used in a menu item. Such assumptions are 
naive or misguided. Find some other mechanism; don't rely on people not 
including some particular character (or string) in item names.

And again, if I'm misunderstanding, please ignore.

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