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wrong-type-argument in gud-tooltip-mode

From: Herbert Euler
Subject: wrong-type-argument in gud-tooltip-mode
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 18:39:52 +0800

In emacs-unicode-2, toggling gud-tooltip-mode results in an error
(wrong-type-argument stringp nil) in `gdb-create-define-alist'.  This
function is invoked by `gud-tooltip-mode' on every buffer that
satisfies the conditions specified in its definition:

[definition of `gud-tooltip-mode']

            (dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
              (unless (eq buffer gud-comint-buffer)
                (with-current-buffer buffer
                  (when (and (memq gud-minor-mode '(gdbmi gdba))
                             (not (string-match "\\`\\*.+\\*\\'"
                    (make-local-variable 'gdb-define-alist)
                    (add-hook 'after-save-hook
                              'gdb-create-define-alist nil t))))))

Unfortunately, the regular expression here is not complete.  Buffers
whose name start with a space character do not visit files, but they
satisfy the above conditions too.  Hence `gdb-create-define-alist' is
invoked on these buffers too, which causes the error, when
`gdb-create-define-alist' checks the existence of the file that
current buffer visits.

I did not try the HEAD version, but since the definition of
`gud-tooltip-mode' is the same as that in the emacs-unicode-2 branch,
I guess this bug exists in HEAD too.

Guanpeng Xu
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