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Re: Tabbed buffers

From: T. V. Raman
Subject: Re: Tabbed buffers
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 19:50:40 -0800

Doing this on Linux would also have the nice side-effect of
allowing tty users to place  each frameset on a different virtual
console, something which would make it  easier to logically
separate out frames.

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:
    >>> But getting rid of them would just mean trouble.
    >> I would certainly object.
    Stefan> Richard was talking about a suggestion of mine, which
    Stefan> was not to remove the frame functionality on ttys.
    Stefan> How can people even expect me to suggest throwing
    Stefan> away such a feature?
    Stefan> All I was pointing out was that if we introduce
    Stefan> frame-level tabs, then it might make sense to treat
    Stefan> the current "multiple-frames on a single tty" as tabs
    Stefan> rather than as frames.  So we may want to refine the
    Stefan> notion of tty frames so that each tty gets exactly 1
    Stefan> frame, and it can then multiplex several tabs on that
    Stefan> frame: the end result is the same featureset as
    Stefan> before, but in a way that more closely matches the
    Stefan> semantics of frames&tabs under GUIs (where only one
    Stefan> of the tabs of a frame can be displayed at a time,
    Stefan> just like frames on a single tty).
    Stefan>         Stefan
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