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Search menu [was: Change grep -> lgrep, rgrep in Tools menu?]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Search menu [was: Change grep -> lgrep, rgrep in Tools menu?]
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 11:46:51 -0800

> why is grep in the tools menu and not in edit - Search?

I agree that Grep should be on the Search menu. I moved it there in my own
code long ago.


I also did the following to the Search menu:

* Moved it to the top level, instead of as an Edit submenu. 
* Moved the Replace, Bookmarks, and Go To submenus to it.
* Added an Occurrences item (`occur').
* Added a Tags submenu (`find-tag', `find-tag-regexp',
  `apropos-tags', `tags-search').

Screenshot of the menu attached. All except the Icicles submenu is vanilla
Emacs stuff, just renamed and rearranged.

There are lots of powerful search tools in Emacs, and it is good to make
them more evident.

BTW - Although I removed a lot from the Edit menu, I added other things to
it - things that are more about editing: submenus Fill (filling), Edit
Region, and Sort Region, for instance. And items Delete Matching Lines and
Delete Non-Matching Lines (`flush-lines', `keep-lines').

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