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regexp to match formatted time string?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: regexp to match formatted time string?
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 14:29:39 -0800

Anyone have a function that takes, as its argument, a string that is
acceptable as input to `format-time-string' (i.e. a value like
`display-time-format'), and returns a regexp that will match all such
formatted times, that is, whatever `format-time-string' would return for the
same input, for any time?

IOW, (foo ARG UNIVERSAL) would return a regexp that matches
(format-time-string ARG TIME UNIVERSAL), for all values of TIME.

I searched the source code a bit, but didn't find anything. Seems like this
would be useful. For instance, I would use it in some font-locking code, to
match a time/date field, based on the user's preferred time format.

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