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Re: Improving X selection?

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: Re: Improving X selection?
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2008 00:17:00 +0000

On 01/02/2008, David De La Harpe Golden wrote:
> Another mail to follow about making select-active-regions work.

Problem with select-active-regions is obvious: if you want it to work
with both keyboard and mouse, it's not enough to reset the x11
selection when the mark is reset, it needs to be reset when the point
is reset too, or the selection and active region will drift out of
sync until the next mark reset.

All well and good, but how to fix it?

Well, I can naively introduce post-point-motion function (as
attached*), but it's kind of intrusive and a potential performance
problem, though probably unnoticeable on modern/fast
machines/networks.  There might  be a better way to do it?

(I thought about propagating selection when idle, but sudden selection
inaccuracy when you go too fast would be annoying. post-command-hook
doesn't work either (I think).  Not sure how else to do it.)

* Note that I'm not really up to speed on emacs internals, especially
the C side and GC requirements when calling lisp from C.

(Some mouse.el interactions need additional options too I think - yet
another mail to follow with them...)

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