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ps-prin1.ps: " Handle multiple strings in a line"

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: ps-prin1.ps: " Handle multiple strings in a line"
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 23:40:55 -0500

[re-sending due to address typo the first time. Apologies for any duplicates.]

On Fri Sep 26 11:28:16 2003 (rev, a change was made to
ps-prin1.ps in the unicode branch to "Handle multiple strings in a

On Fri Jan 26 23:04:49 2007 (, this change was
(unintentionally?) reverted in a change "Fix background height".

I can't say if the "multiple strings" change should be resurrected,
but I removed the following etc/ChangeLog entry that was merged to the
trunk, since this change has never been on the trunk AFAICS. A new
entry should be made if the change is added to the trunk.

2008-02-01  Kenichi Handa  <address@hidden>

  * ps-prin1.ps (HeaderOrFooterTextLines): Handle multiple strings in
    a line.

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