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Re: improving multi-monitor support in x11/carbon

From: Yuri D'Elia
Subject: Re: improving multi-monitor support in x11/carbon
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 16:00:49 +0100
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In article <address@hidden>,
 Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

>     I fully agree with Yamamoto Mitsuharu here: a clear designed api is 
>     needed:
>     - there may be more than a single monitor
>     - placement and size may not be linear or constant
>     - the origin can be anywhere, not simply at +0+0
>     - viewable area may not be the the whole screen:
>       - on mac there is a menu bar on the main monitor only
>       - on windows there's the start panel, which may or may not occupy space
> It sounds like a good idea.  Would you like to implement it?

I don't think I will have enough time in the next months to implement it 
in a proper way. I would prefer for someone else to step in.

I may give a shot for fixing the actual behavior on carbon however, if 
the proposal I suggested would be accepted.

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