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RE: [21.1.90]: point put at point-min in *compilation*

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [21.1.90]: point put at point-min in *compilation*
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 08:37:13 -0800

> Well, the report is pre-21.1 and
> the change is post-21.1, so we now have a change in behaviour from a
> released version.  Did anyone complain about this post 21.1?

My report was not only post-21.1; it was near the end of the Emacs 22
development cycle.

> I, for one, prefer the 21.1 behaviour for *compilation* buffers.

I have no preference for compilation buffers. My report was about grep.

> But, I can see that the change is likely better for *grep* buffers.

We agree about that.

> Perhaps *compilation* should behave differently from *grep* in this
> respect?

Agreed again. Or perhaps we could have a user option (or two).

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