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INSTALL recommends libungif library

From: Ulrich Mueller
Subject: INSTALL recommends libungif library
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 16:22:09 +0100

The INSTALL file in the CVS trunk still recommends using libungif.
I guess that this library is replaced by giflib on most distros.
Also, the Sourceforge project page for libungif does no longer exist.

While it is o.k. for configure to support both libraries as
alternatives, the INSTALL file should recommend giflib. A patch is
included below.


--- INSTALL     5 Feb 2008 03:56:41 -0000       1.129
+++ INSTALL     5 Feb 2008 15:06:12 -0000
@@ -139,10 +139,7 @@
                       Get version 6b -- 6a is reported to fail in
   . libtiff for TIFF: http://www.libtiff.org/
-  . libungif for GIF:
-      http://sourceforge.net/projects/libungif
-      Ensure you get version 4.1.0b1 or higher of libungif -- a bug in
-      4.1.0 can crash Emacs.
+  . libgif for GIF:   http://sourceforge.net/projects/giflib/
 Emacs will configure itself to build with these libraries if the
 `configure' script finds them on your system, unless you supply the

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