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Re: url-handler-file-remote-p

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: url-handler-file-remote-p
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 09:44:49 -0500
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>>> Just being curious: url-handlers.el misses an own implementation of
>>> `file-remote-p'; shouldn't it be there?
>> Yes, it should.  Patches welcome ;-)

> What about this one:

> (defun url-handler-file-remote-p (filename &optional identification connected)
>   ;; Maybe we can find a suitable check for CONNECTED.
>   ;; FIXME: if `filename' is a "file://" URL it shall be nil.  But this
>   ;; must be introduced together with other primitive functions, like
>   ;; `unhandled-file-name-directory'.
>   (let ((url (url-generic-parse-url filename)))
>     (when (url-type url)
>       (cond
>        ((eq identification 'method) (url-type url))
>        ((eq identification 'user) (url-user url))
>        ((eq identification 'host) (url-host url))
>        ((eq identification 'localname) (url-filename url))
>        (t (url-recreate-url
>          (url-parse-make-urlobj (url-type url) (url-user url) nil
>                                 (url-host url) (url-port url))))))))

Looks good.


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