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Pymacs maintenance resumed

From: Leo
Subject: Pymacs maintenance resumed
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 09:50:16 +0000
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Hi All,

For info.

,----[ http://pymacs.progiciels-bpi.ca/ ]
|     Some news! I decided to resume Pymacs maintenance, after having
|     been unable, for quite a while now, to reach the maintainer who
|     replaced me. For the incoming release, the manual is in reST
|     format, there is the start of a validation suite, most reported
|     bugs have been squashed. Some suggestions are still to be
|     pondered, other contributions to be sorted out. Oh! and I got many
|     nice, kind, warm, comforting letters from enthusiastic users
|     :-). Thanks to all of you!

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