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RE: new version of the proposed emacs icons

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: new version of the proposed emacs icons
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 17:46:55 -0800

>   >     A number of people were questioning why are we changing icons.
>   > 
>   > I do not insist that we change.  And if we change, I do not insist
>   > we pick one of these two.
> OK, so let's find a way to move forward with this.
> One of the most sensible comments that was made about the 
> icons was that we had a different icon for each major version.
> We can use the proposed icon for emacs-23.
> Given that we don't really have an overabundance of artists willing
> to work on things like this, and that the proposed icons look 
> really good, let's check in version 1 (it leads by one vote).  We
> have to show some goodwill here.  There's enough time to refine
> the icon until 23.1 is released.
> Does this sound like a sensible plan?

Well, let's see.

I just reread the entire thread. There were many messages, but most of their
content was not an expression of a preference for either #1 or #2. In terms
of "voting", the most common sentiment was that we should not change at all.
And much of the thread diverged into pleasantries about large screens and
such. There was little preference expressed for #1 or #2, considering the
size of the thread.

Here's a summary of those who did compare #1 with #2 or express a
preference. Some of these same people also prefer not to change, however.

Prefer #1 (emacs_128.png)

 Jan     (no reason given)
 Bastien (because it goes up, not down)
 Miles   (because #2 is unbalanced and cramped)

Prefer #2 (emacs_128-2.png)

 Drew (graphic movement is what a hand would write;
       letters slant to right;
       horns are more recognizable)

 David (horns are more recognizable)

On the fence (pros and cons discussed, but no real preference)

Tassilo (#1 cleaner, but can't see the horns;
         #2 generally better, but wants pen inclined more)

Thomas Lord (#1 is full of fear; #2 is intense)

Both Tassilo and David were somewhat ambivalent. David seemed to prefer #2
overall. Tassilo seemed to prefer #2 if some modifications are made.

So, I don't think it's accurate that #1 "leads by one vote". A fair
assessment of the discussion reaches the conclusion that most people
questioned changing the icon at all or suggested changes to #1 or #2.

In any case, if you count only the few people who expressed a preference,
that's a pretty small sample. What's the hurry? Just post the candidates
somewhere and let people comment on them at that location (instead of
filling this list).

When we do need to choose one (possibly for Emacs 23 or 24), then you can
summarize the discussion. Meanwhile, the artist can perhaps think about
taking some of the suggestions into account. All of this dialog can take
place wherever the icons are posted (e.g. a wiki).

Speaking of the artist, which version does s?he prefer, and why? What does
s?he think of the suggestions? We haven't heard from the artist, have we?

I also don't know what you mean by "We have to show some goodwill here." Can
you elaborate on the urgency and the goodwill problem?

 - Drew, who has no real problem with #1 or #2
         or the notebook or the mushroom or the sink or...

P.S. I don't think a pen is any more "standard" than a notebook as a
representation of an editor, if that's a consideration.

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