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Re: 23.0.60; Emacs should survive a lost X connection

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: 23.0.60; Emacs should survive a lost X connection
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 21:04:22 -0800

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

  >     No, the crashes are gone.  But the server does not seem to know that the
  >     clients have gone, it gives a warning when trying to exit because it
  >     thinks that clients are still connected.
  > I do not understand.  When you say "server" do you mean "X server"?

No, I mean the emacs server, i.e. the one started by M-x server-start.

  > Do you mean that it doesn't notice that it has been disconnected
  > from Emacs?

No, the emacs server keeps track of the number of emacsclients that are
still connected, when that number is > 0 and you are doing C-x C-c it
will warn that emacsclients are still connected 
(see server-kill-emacs-query-function)

In the case described here, there are no emacsclients that are still
connected (they have died when X has died, or have been killed with
xkill), but the server thinks otherwise.

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