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FW: view-mode exit hook?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: FW: view-mode exit hook?
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 10:57:31 -0800


Any arguments against adding such a hook? Argument for adding it is below. 

From: Drew Adams Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 4:33 PM

> > > Does it make sense for Emacs to have a `view-mode-exit-hook'?
> >
> > You can always think of `view-exit-action' as doing that.  For example,
> > there's no harm setting `view-exit-action' to a function that restores
> > a frame configuration saved earlier.  The question remains _which_ frame
> > configuration you want to restore.
> `view-exit-action' is not currently a no-op, AFAICT. So adding the feature
> of fitting the frame would not simply be a matter of setting or binding
> `view-exit-action' to a `fit-frame' function. It would instead
> mean _adding_ frame fitting to whatever `view-exit-action' might
> already be doing. And that "whatever" is different, IIUC, depending
> on how view-mode is exited, and even, I think, depending on how
> view-mode was entered. (Again, I don't master that code, nor do I want
> to.)
> `view-exit-action' is not simply a hook; it is more complex (and perhaps
> more fragile). As I said, I can imagine tacking `fit-frame' onto whatever
> `view-exit-action' does already, but I'd sooner advise
> `view-mode-exit'. And neither of those prospects looks particularly
> appealing (clean) to me.
> From what I've heard so far, there seems to be no recommended way
> to handle this kind of thing. In that case, I ask again, shouldn't
> there be a `view-mode-exit-hook'?

How about such a hook?

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