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Re: Crashes with non-default language environments

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Crashes with non-default language environments
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 20:39:45 -0500
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>>> This crash is caused by the corrupt byte-code produced by
>>> `byte-compile-lapcode'.  `string-make-unibyte' at the end of this
>>> function produces different bytecode strings in different
>>> language environments.  This problem can be narrowed down to:
>> Shouldn't it be string-to-unibyte instead?

> I've just checked that `string-as-unibyte' produces even worse results
> than `string-make-unibyte'.  It replaces every byte in the original
> string with 2-byte sequences.

Of course, string-AS-unibyte is the worst of all three.  But nobody
suggested to use that one.  I just suggested to replace
string-MAKE-uniybte by string-TO-unibyte.

string-TO-unibyte ~= (encode-coding-string STR 'binary)
string-AS-unibyte ~= (encode-coding-string STR 'emacs-internal)
                     (unicode or emacs-mule, depending on the Emacs version)
string-MAKE-unibyte ~= (encode-coding-string STR locale-coding-system)


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