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cvs emacs 23.0.60 compiled with msvc 7.1, run error, debug trace info.

From: Kyle M. Lee
Subject: cvs emacs 23.0.60 compiled with msvc 7.1, run error, debug trace info.
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 12:34:27 +0800
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0. I cvs update emacs 23 code today.

1. configure
configure.bat --with-msvc --cflags /O2 --cflags /G7 --cflags /arch:SSE2
- --cflags -I./inc --prefix f:/emacs_install

and I configured with font backend, the compilation failed.

2. run & error
emacs.exe --no-init-file
GUI: [http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/d5097]

The Ms Vs 2003 IDE stop here:
file alloc.c 6156:
    while (vector)
      if (!VECTOR_MARKED_P (vector))  // <<-----

Would someone need the dump file ?

call stack log here :
        emacs.exe!gc_sweep()  line6156  C
>       emacs.exe!Fgarbage_collect()  line5177  C
        emacs.exe!Feval(int form=0xa1c33468)  line2252  C
        emacs.exe!internal_condition_case_1(int (void)* bfun=0x01005534, int
arg=0xa1c33468, int handlers=0x21313878, int (void)* hfun=0x01058f19)
line1542 + 0x35 C
        emacs.exe!menu_item_eval_property(int sexpr=0xa1c33468)  line7790       
        emacs.exe!parse_menu_item(int item=0x2215e908, int notreal=0x00000000,
int inmenubar=0x00000000)  line7981 + 0x6       C
        emacs.exe!single_menu_item()  line519 + 0xd     C
        emacs.exe!single_keymap_panes()  line466 + 0x16 C
        emacs.exe!parse_single_submenu()  line1172 + 0x1a       C
        emacs.exe!set_frame_menubar()  line1498 + 0xf   C
        emacs.exe!initialize_frame_menubar()  line1665 + 0xd    C
        emacs.exe!w32_window()  line4102 + 0x6  C
        emacs.exe!Fx_create_frame(int parameters=0xa20a7300)  line4513  C
        emacs.exe!Ffuncall(int nargs=0x00000001, int * args=0x2134a598)
line3026        C
        emacs.exe!Fbyte_code(int bytestr=0x011d264c, int vector=0x811d2644,
int maxdepth=0x00000004)  line681       C
        emacs.exe!funcall_lambda(int fun=0x811d2608, int nargs=0x00000001, int
* arg_vector=0x0082fa00)  line3214 + 0xe        C
        emacs.exe!Ffuncall(int nargs=0x00000001, int * args=0x21ba9c78)
line3071 + 0xc  C
        emacs.exe!Fbyte_code(int bytestr=0x0120f66c, int vector=0x8120f664,
int maxdepth=0x00000006)  line681       C
        emacs.exe!funcall_lambda(int fun=0x8120f624, int nargs=0x00000001, int
* arg_vector=0x0082fad0)  line3214 + 0xe        C
        emacs.exe!Ffuncall(int nargs=0x00000001, int * args=0x21b9c3c0)
line3071 + 0xc  C
        emacs.exe!Fbyte_code(int bytestr=0x0120eb10, int vector=0x8120eb08,
int maxdepth=0x00000006)  line681       C
        emacs.exe!funcall_lambda(int fun=0x8120eadc, int nargs=0x00000000, int
* arg_vector=0x0082fba0)  line3214 + 0xe        C
        emacs.exe!Ffuncall(int nargs=0x00000000, int * args=0x21bba1f8)
line3071 + 0xc  C
        emacs.exe!Fbyte_code(int bytestr=0x011d6cbc, int vector=0x811d6cb4,
int maxdepth=0x00000007)  line681       C
        emacs.exe!funcall_lambda(int fun=0x811d6c8c, int nargs=0x00000000, int
* arg_vector=0x0082fc74)  line3214 + 0xe        C
        emacs.exe!Ffuncall(int nargs=0x00000000, int * args=0x21bbaaa0)
line3071 + 0xc  C
        emacs.exe!Fbyte_code(int bytestr=0x011d5fec, int vector=0x811d5fe4,
int maxdepth=0x00000006)  line681       C
        emacs.exe!funcall_lambda(int fun=0x811d5fbc, int nargs=0x00000000, int
* arg_vector=0x0082fcfc)  line3214 + 0xe        C
        emacs.exe!apply_lambda(int fun=0x811d5fbc, int args=0x21309000, int
eval_flag=0x00000001)  line3139 C
        emacs.exe!Feval(int form=0xa13ab548)  line2398 + 0xb    C
        emacs.exe!top_level_2()  line1379 + 0xb C
        emacs.exe!internal_condition_case(int (void)* bfun=0x01056d15, int
handlers=0x21313878, int (void)* hfun=0x0105df98)  line1495     C
        emacs.exe!top_level_1()  line1387 + 0x15        C
        emacs.exe!internal_catch(int tag=0x21312938, int (void)*
func=0x0105e066, int arg=0x21309000)  line1230 + 0x6    C
        emacs.exe!command_loop()  line1349      C
        emacs.exe!recursive_edit_1()  line958 + 0x5     C
        emacs.exe!Frecursive_edit()  line1021   C
        emacs.exe!main()  line1786 + 0x5        C
        emacs.exe!mainCRTStartup()  line259 + 0x12      C

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