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Re: buffer is modified after commit

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: buffer is modified after commit
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 14:50:33 -0500
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> Well, after digging in my .emacs for a while, and several false
> starts, I've finally been able to isolate the "buffer is modified
> after commit" bug that was driving me crazy.  Or, at least, I can now
> repeat it at will.

> ;;;;; .emacs ;;;;;
> (global-highlight-changes 1)
> ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

If you look at hilit-chg.el you'll see that it's messing up the
buffer-modified-p on a regular basis.

1 - buffer-modified-p is properly saved&restored in
    highlight-changes-rotate-faces and in highlight-markup-buffers.
    That's the good part.
2 - it's not properly saved&restored anywhere else, despite uses of things
    like remove-text-properties.  That's the source of your trouble.
3 - buffer-modified-p is incorrectly forcefully set to nil by the
    special undo entries added in highlight-changes-rotate-faces.
    That's correct if the buffer was not modified before undoing
    this command, but is dangerous otherwise (will mark your buffer as
    unmodified even though you haven't saved the changes).

-- Stefan

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