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Re: paragraphs.el: do forward-sentence and friends not work?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: paragraphs.el: do forward-sentence and friends not work?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 07:25:19 +0900

David Reitter writes:

 > Now I've quoted the Chicago manual of style from the Wikipedia entry,  
 > saying the exact opposite.

You quoted a section that referred to typeset material, which is
irrelevant.  Emacs is equivalent to a typewriter; if you want (badly)
typeset text, use Word or OOo.  Quote me an equivalent section from
the CMOS on manuscripts (I don't have my CMOS here, but I'm pretty
sure that it recommends frenchspacing for typescript), and then I'll
take notice.  Note that proportionally-spaced fonts != typesetting.

 > It is an useless attitude to impose on users a writing style
 > uncommon outside the U.S.--crippling the M-e / M-a features does
 > not help anyone.

Sentence movement is neither imposed nor crippled; you just have to
toggle it to deal with a custom intended for the convenience of
writers rather than readers.

And no, it's not useless to encourage useful standards.  I think that
this default is a good thing, since readers don't always have much
input into style and get the most godawful crap jammed into their
inboxes.  As with litter, every little bit helps.

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