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[22.1.90]: minor c/c++ menu nits

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: [22.1.90]: minor c/c++ menu nits
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 17:05:28 -0000

The C and C++ submenus are named "Toggle...".  I think the convention is
to use ellipsis only for menu entries and only then for menu entries
that expect input from the user via the minibuffer/popup.  Is that

Personally, I think "Toggle" is a bit of a vague label for a menu.
Maybe "Options"?  Ymmv.

While I'm at it, the submenu itself could do with some tooltips:
- "Syntactic indentation": maybe self explanatory enough.
- "Electric mode": ISTR the convention is not to use the word "mode" in
the menus, but "electric" in particular will surely baffle some people.
Maybe rename it "Auto indentation" with a tooltip to explain when it
- "Auto newline": maybe a tooltip to explain when it occurs?
- "Hungry delete": maybe self explanatory enough.
- "Subword mode": as above for the use of "mode".  A cool feature I only
found today.  Maybe rename it "Case-Insensitive Motion" with reversed
logic?  (To match "Options | Case-Insensitive Search".)

And maybe the submenu itself could do with a "Save Options"?  


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