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Re: python.el fixes for Emacs 22

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: python.el fixes for Emacs 22
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 10:47:50 +1300

 > hi, all.  sorry it's taken me a while to join this conversation.  i
 > adamantly want to see the pdbtrack functionality, which was integrated
 > to python-mode.el, included in the python mode delivered with emacs.
 > at one point it was integrated with the version of python.el that was
 > supposed to be included with the release of emacs 22.  i was perplexed
 > and dismayed to discover, however, that somehow changed at the last
 > moment, and it still hasn't been rectified.

I never installed that patch because I was uncertain about the authorship
of the parts of python-mode.el that I was taking from.

 > it looks like the reason for the separate implementation of python.el
 > had something to do with problems getting copyright assignments.  i
 > think that could be settled, and probably could help with that, but
 > now we have two separate python mode implementations, and i don't know
 > how to resolve the choice between them.
 > in any case, i *do* want to see pdb tracking included in whichever.
 > as the author of the feature, i should be able to authorize its use
 > wherever, and am frustrated with the twisty turns of events that have
 > prevented that.  while my time is limited for reimplementing it, i can
 > probably help with that and/or with seeing about getting license
 > assignment for python-mode.el.

I still have a local copy of the patch updated to the trunk and could install
it now if instructed to do so.

There appear to be two options:

1) Install my patch in python.el which may in reality only involve your
   contribution to python-mode.el and may not require other signatures.

2) Replace python.el with a modified python-mode.el which would require
   more signatures (Barry Warsaw, Skip Montanero?) and more work.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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