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Re: Bug trackers

From: Manoj Srivastava
Subject: Re: Bug trackers
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 10:12:53 -0600
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On Sat, 16 Feb 2008 09:40:40 +0100, Tassilo Horn <address@hidden> said: 

> Xavier Maillard <address@hidden> writes: Hi Xavier,

>> One of the best I know is debbugs.

> Another free one that can be fully controlled by email is RT [1].
> Featurewise it seems to outperform debbugs.

        Could you elaborate?  I use debbugs for Debian, and Request
 Tracker for Work;  and I must say I find debbugs far more useful.
 RT does have things like deadlines and tracking time spent on bugs,
 useful for billing and Gantt chart tracking, but rarely gets used
 because of the  fact that most of these features are only accessible
 through the web interface, not email.  Also, we have had issues with
 creating new reports using just email (the nice features of admin-CC
 and CC,  comments, and responses, need the web interface to set up).

        I also wonder about how many of the features of RT (a help desk
 oriented system, where you have "customers" with limited rights and
 visibility, and "staff" with additional rights, and the whole elaborate
 rights management infrastructure) are really important for a project
 like Emacs.

        I think RT has none of the version tracking bits of debbugs, or
 dependencies, blocking bugs, priorities, user defined classifications
 and reports, and even much of a SOAP interface like debbugs does.

        Having used debbugs for its entire lifetime, and having been a
 RT admin now for three years, I must say that I do not agree that RT

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