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Re: 23.0.60; gdb not running the program first time around

From: robert marshall
Subject: Re: 23.0.60; gdb not running the program first time around
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 09:32:27 +0000
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Nick Roberts wrote:
 > I've just tried
 >     (setq gdb-many-windows t)
> - not used this before and apart from being faviourably impressed :-) > I've come across one problem. > Our code tends to swap languages - top level is C++ which calls a c > layer which then invokes some fortran, > when I get down to the fortran I get a debugger segmentation fault > immediately, I don't see this issue when gdb-many-windows is nil

You're probably stretching the boundaries of Gdb a bit - it's not so good with
C++ but it's getting better.  Also I've found that for fortran debugging, g77
is better than gfortran as it currently generates better debug information.  I
think gfortran is the future, however, and compiles fortran 95.

As with other contributors to this thread I've found the c++ support to be fine - fortran appears dodgier. We have some code which contains fortran linked lists where a points to b which points to c which points to a, printing out a causes a loop I'll get a bug report sent when I can get an appropriate small example

> Do you want me to create a separate report for this - I assume there's a > couple of issues here a gdb one and a gdb-ui.el one?

A debugger segmentation fault means a bug in Gdb, so the report should go to
the gdb mailing list (address@hidden).  Most users probably don't debug
inside Emacs, so you really need to find a way to reproduce it from the
command line.  Since it only happens with gdb-many-windows it is probably
caused by one of the gdb commands that Emacs runs behind the user's back
to update the extra buffers:

info stack
interpreter mi "-stack-list-locals --simple-values"

If you can get to where the debugger segmentation fault occurs from the
command line then issing these commands might trigger it.

Is it possible to turn off the functionality of gdb-many-windows on the fly?
I think the bug I'm triggering may well be this one:
so I probably need to update gdb with a build from source


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