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Re: [22.1.90]: Point before start of properties

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [22.1.90]: Point before start of properties
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:59:00 -0500
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>> > Thanks for the suggestions and the careful reading of my report.  Is
>> > there anything else you think I could try, eg, to deal with the size of
>> > struct interval?  I can confirm that it is 28, though it is 28 with or
>> > without optimisation.  I tried padding it to 32 by adding a dummy int to
>> > it, but it still hit the breakpoint with optimisation.
>> Yes, as I said, the assertion failure is probably not a fluke, altough
>> the check itself is a bit fishy.

Actually, now I think it may very well be a fluke: the `i1' that looks
so odd is actually stack allocated (so it may indeed be on a mult-of-4
even if you pad it to 32bytes) and is not fully initialized (because
intervals_equal only looks at the `plist' field) so it may very well
look like a buffer.

> It seems that i0 does point to a valid interval, but i1 does not look
> good.  Has it been GCed?

As explained (sorry for not noticing this earlier), i1 is
stack-allocated and not fully initialized, which is why it looks
like garbage.  That's completely normal, we're wasting our time here.
Better go back to your actual "point before start of properties" error.
I've removed the INT_LISPLIKE check.


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