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Debbugs testbed

From: Don Armstrong
Subject: Debbugs testbed
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:18:27 -0800
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I've configured a testbed of debbugs that can be used. There currently
is one package configured (emacs), and a temporary mailing list,
address@hidden is set as the maintainer. [You can
browse its archives at
http://lists.donarmstrong.com/pipermail/emacsbugs/ or subscribe at
http://lists.donarmstrong.com/mailman/listinfo/emacsbugs .]

The web interface is currently here:


Useful links to start are http://emacsbugs.donarmstrong.com/emacs and

You can submit new bugs to test using
address@hidden, and you can play with the control
interface as usual using address@hidden

[You'll have to ignore any Debian specific branding that's in the
documentation, as the most accurate, most up-to-date documentation
doesn't have the automatic branding hooks.]

If you've got specific questions, feel free to ask me via e-mail, or
you can usually catch me on OFTC and FN under the nick 'dondelelcaro'.
[#debian-debbugs on OFTC is the debbugs upstream channel.]

Don Armstrong

Grimble left his mother in the food store and went to the launderette
and watched the clothes go round. It was a bit like colour television
only with less plot.
 -- Clement Freud _Grimble_

http://www.donarmstrong.com              http://rzlab.ucr.edu

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