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vc-backend questionable behavior

From: Mike Mattie
Subject: vc-backend questionable behavior
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 17:46:58 -0800


One of my in-development devel tools uses vc. While poking through the API I 
noticed this
red flag.

The vc-backend function returns a symbol identifying which backend "claims" a 
given path.

Red Flag: 

The correct result for directories is only produced when the path has a 
trailing slash.


here is a path that is the root of a subversion checkout. The evaluation result 
for each sexp
is shown below.

(vc-backend "/usr/home/mattie/system/emacs/")

(vc-backend "/usr/home/mattie/system/emacs")

Version: (old unicode branch I believe)


I can work-around this, but I figured it was the Right Thing to flag it, as 
relying on the path 
instead of FS calls is a traditional red-flag. It is clearly wrong as well for 
the second sexp which is
a valid directory path.

Mike Mattie

P.S: at least in my version vc.el there is no version inserted into the head of 
the file, isn't that odd for
     a version control package ?

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