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RE: tooltips for minor modes

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: tooltips for minor modes
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 01:37:16 -0800

>   > >     It would be nice if the mode-line :lighter for minor 
>   > >     modes would have a
>   > >     tooltip with a brief description of what the minor mode is.
>   > > 
>   > > I think it is a good idea.  We could perhaps establish 
> a convention
>   > > that a certain part of the doc string of the minor mode 
> function is
>   > > used for this.  Or, if that would require changing too many doc
>   > > strings, we could have some other way to specify the 
> string for this.
> One possibility would be to use the first line of the 
> doc-string. But a
> quick "grep --after=1 define-minor-mode" shows that for quite a lot of
> minor modes the first line of the doc-string gives not useful
> information:
> scroll-all.el:106:(define-minor-mode scroll-all-mode
> scroll-all.el-107-  "Toggle Scroll-All minor mode.
> So doing either the above or the proposal below requires some editing.
>   > Perhaps add a :help keyword to `define-minor-mode' etc.?
> Sounds good, and consistent with other uses for :help. Where 
> would that :help property be stored?
> Drew, given that you are you touched this minor-mode stuff most
> recently, do you want to implement one of these ?

I don't feel up to it, and I don't have the time right now to look into it.
Someone else likely has an idea how to do it. I certainly don't want to
touch the `define-minor-mode' code, in any case - it's a precision Swiss
watch. ;-) Sorry.

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