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vc-revision-other-window gets wrong file

From: Chris Moore
Subject: vc-revision-other-window gets wrong file
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 18:27:49 +0100

Visit a source controlled file.
Type "C-x v ~ RET".
VC will show you the 'working revision' of that file.
Visit a different source controlled file.
Type "C-x v ~ RET"
VC will show you the same 'working revision' as before - of the first file.
Kill that working revision buffer.
"C-x v ~ RET" will bring it back again.
Kill the first source controlled file's buffer.
"C-x v ~ RET" will now fetch the correct working revision.

This happens even across revision control systems.  I had run C-x v ~
hours ago on a git-controlled sourc file,
then just now ran it again on a svn controlled file, and it showed me
the git-controlled file from this morning.

This is in a version of the Emacs CVS trunk built on 19-Feb.

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