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RE: Using emacs on a tablet computer

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Using emacs on a tablet computer
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 11:22:00 -0800

> keyboard-quit is quite essential for emacs usage, and there 
> doesnt seem to be a way to map it to a  menu or toolbar
> button that works when you need it.
> I'm happily proven wrong of course.

I add `keyboard-quit', `top-level' and `view-lossage' to the `Help' menu in
library `menu-bar+.el'. Actually, I add them to a `Help' submenu named

(defvar menu-bar-whereami-menu (make-sparse-keymap "Whoops!?"))
(define-key menu-bar-help-menu [whereami]
  (cons "Whoops!?" menu-bar-whereami-menu))
(define-key menu-bar-whereami-menu [view-lossage]
  '(menu-item "What did I do !?" view-lossage :help "Display last 100 input
(define-key menu-bar-whereami-menu [top-level]
  '(menu-item "Back to Top Level" top-level :help "Exit all recursive
editing levels"))
(define-key menu-bar-whereami-menu [keyboard-quit]
  '(menu-item "Cancel Current Action" keyboard-quit :help "Quit any
operation in progress"))


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