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Emacs 22.2 release plans

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Emacs 22.2 release plans
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 14:53:48 -0500

Hi folks.  Here is the current plan for the Emacs 22.2 release:

On next Friday, March 7, I'll roll the 22.1.92 pretest tarball.  My
hope is that this will be the final pretest before the 22.2 release,
but that will depend on the bugs.

>From this point on, please refrain from making any non-trivial changes
to the Emacs 22 branch.  If you feel the need to make such a change,
please email emacs-devel with your patch and explain why it needs to
be applied.  If in doubt, email emacs-devel anyway (if you like, you
can also email me directly).  I'll make an effort to read all patches.

Manual, docstring, and other "obvious" fixes can be committed

Furthermore, if you apply a fix to the trunk that you think should be
backported to the Emacs 22 branch after the 22.2 release, please
either (i) email it to me, (ii) make a note in admin/FOR-RELEASE on
the branch, or (iii) keep track of it yourself, so that the fix will
be applied after the release without getting lost.


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