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Re: vc-next-action problem

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: vc-next-action problem
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 20:06:20 +0000 (UTC)

    Can you please explain step by step what you did ...

First, I updated CVS and bootstrapped.

I visited two modified files, ... emacs/lisp/help-mode.el and
... emacs/lisp/help-fns.el

Then I wrote what I did in the big Changelog invoked with C-x 4 a
(add-change-log-entry-other-window) for the two files.  All the
previous worked fine.

Then I invoked the small changelog with C-x v v (vc-next-action) for
one of the files and put material for that file in it.  I did not
realize the two files were a fileset; I expected the next action would
be for just that one file.

I switched buffer to the other file, then switched back to the small
changelog and typed C-c C-c to commit the first file.  That committed
the second file, not the first, with the documentation for the first,
the wrong documentation for it.

(Then I tried to find out what to do with an error, visited vc.el,
etc. without success.  I spend quite a bit of time doing this both
before and after committing the second file.)

I switched to the second file, invoked the small changelog with C-x v
v (vc-next-action), put in the documentation for it, typed C-c C-c to
commit both the second file and the small change log.  As far as I can
determine with C-x v l (vc-print-log) that went correctly.

Then I switched to the big ChangeLog, invoked a small changelog for it
with C-x v v (vc-next-action) with no contents, as recommended to me
(and I think to the rest on this list) on 4 Nov 2006, typed C-c C-c to
commit the big ChangeLog and the empty small changelog.
That seems to have worked fine.

Lastly, I checked by updating CVS again.  (Nothing appeared.)

The commitments for the files and for the big ChangeLog went fine.  So
did the commitment for the small change log for ... emacs/lisp/help-fns.el.

The problem is with the commitment for the small change log for
... emacs/lisp/help-mode.el.

My question is what do I do when I make a mistake?

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