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Re: Bug trackers

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bug trackers
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:12:31 -0500
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I started to play with the emacsbugs thingy (as Richard is stepping down
as maintainer and was basically doing the bug-tracking himself, I'm
eager to setup a "new" non-human bug-tracking system) and have some more

- I see that right now, the address address@hidden is
  used only for the `emacs' package.  Would it be possible to use it as
  the default address for each and every package?

- how can I manage the email address used as the maintainer of
  a particular package?  I see I can change the owner of a bug, but
  I can't see how to manipulate the maintainer of a package.

- I see I can "create" a package as a side effect of reassigning a bug
  to some inexistent package.  What about deleting a package or merging
  it with another one?

- As Richard mentioned, we would like/need to forward all bug-reports
  sent to address@hidden and address@hidden to
  address@hidden  But since these two mailing-lists are also used
  currently for discussions, we would only want to forward those email
  whose subject doesn't start with "Re:".
  The "Package" should always just be "Emacs" and the "Version" should
  ideally be extracted from the subject (where it should appear in the
  form: "Subject: <version>; <subject>") if present.
  Can you arrange for that to happen?

  I can try to arrange and do it here, tho it's going to be a bit
  fragile (deliver to a special mailbox, then run a cronjob that reads
  this mailbox, then make sure that the cronjob's Kerberos credentials
  are regularly refreshed, ... :-( do I hate Kerberos?).

  Can you arrange to do it directly on your end?

-- Stefan

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