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RMAIL: output message into a buffer ?

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: RMAIL: output message into a buffer ?
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 03:00:21 +0100
User-agent: Rmail in GNU Emacs on GNU/Linux


I discussed with Bastien yesterday explaining him I would like to
see enhancement on some rmail's features.

One of my top todo-list is to tweak rmail and digest messages. I
heavily use them for many mailing lists and it's a pain to have
to undigestify each interesting digest to get its constituent.
Why is it such a pain ? Because rmail does many things when one
asks to undigestify a message and it takes *really* too long
since rmail inserts digest constituents into the original rmail

My rmail file is not that big (about 40Mo) and undisgestifying a
single digest can take up to a minute sometimes (undigest, insert
messages into the rmail file, recompute the summary, ...)

What I'd like to add (or see someone to add) is something that,
on demand, would fetch the current (or more) message, insert it
into a "temporary buffer" and undigestify it into this buffer
leaving the original message untouched (thus preventing rmail to
do extra work onto the original rmail file). When in this
"temporary" buffer, rmail would way quickier since it would have
to just undigest the message and recompute a summary based on a
very small amount of data.

So the question is pretty simple: do we have a function that
would take the message at point and insert it into a *buffer*
(not a file) ? If something like this existed, doing what I want
would not be such a big deal (putting the temporary buffer into a
derivated summary-mode, adding a few questions here and there to
cleanly leave the mode, etc.)

I have already browsed rmail*.el and I did not find anything but
someone reading this list could have had something to offer :)

Thank you very much,


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